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About Omar Harb Architects & Associates/Partners

Omar Harb Architect is an expanding architecture & design studio.

We hand-pick, prepare or upcycle all the concept & design in our portfolio, to ensure you the highest quality and most unique architecture.

Omar Harb founded OHA in 2005.

Starting 2015 OHA transformed to OHA&A as a private company that specializes in conceiving modern, high-caliber solutions for architectural design and urban planning projects. From the OHA&A headquarters in Beirut, we service the Middle East and Gulf Area in progressive architectural design and supervision. Our team of Architects has successfully developed functional and meaningful projects in: Nnorth America, Central & Latin America, South America, Africa, Europe, GCC, Asia, & Australia

We have positioned ourselves as the choice for those who value quality, creativity, and distinction. The OHA&A design and supervision procedure is based in rigorous research and experimentation. We work hand-in-hand with our clients on design strategy, and involve them in all the processes of development. Unconventional typologies are imagined and tailored to the context of each project to create contemporary, high-standard architecture. The objective in each of our designs is to enrich spatial experiences and provide an ideal modern living environment.

In 2017 a Partership agreement has been signed between COCOLEA FURNITURE - Australia & OHA&A, to cover the Australian Continent and to represent the Furniture & Design Company abroad.

In 2019 a distribution agreement has been signed with DSI a mega steel manufacturer based in Lebanon, Egypt, Vietnam & United States of America for huge and mega steel buildings. So we can expand toward the Industrial architecture as well. 

In 2020 Fabiola Carolina Muñoz Sánchez, joined the office as a Partner/Associate handling the Latin America & Europe projects and as an added value to the team as well. Holding a MArch from the Universidad Central de Venezuela 2002, Lulowin Lulo Software 2006, Project Planning CIAB-UCAB certificate 2007, BIM Certified since 2011.  

In 2020 A partnership agreement was signed with several material suppliers, and construction companies in order to start a new SHACKS, BACHS & TINY HOMES construction process and methods throughout the Middle East & North Africa region.

In 2021 and in order to expand area of work and to create a bigger workforce, 3 partnership agreement was signed with:

1-Maria Tsi from Greece, taking care of Greek and Cyprus projects of the Group, with a BArch degree powered by sales and Sites skills, helping the studio and gives a real value for each project.

2-Monica Rosso from Miami-FL holding an Architectural degree from Universidad Central de Venezuala, BArch Environmental Design/Architecture from Miami Dade College, BArch from Jose Maria Vargas University, along with Certification in Smart Building Design from Inmotica Integral 2016, Construction Safety from OSHA Safety Expert Inc. 2018, Integrated Project Management from Harvard University 2019, she is the real cost control image and the task killer of the studio, makes the papers talks and follow on every single point.

3-Slavica Rakovic from Serbia holding a Masters in Architecture from Belgrade University 2001, heading the Eastern Europe projects, with a specialties of getting competitions, and handling Residential, Hotels,  Refurbishment, Rehabilitation, Renovation projects in addition to Urban Planning.

Founder: Omar Harb, Lebanon & MENA.

Associates: Gilles Assaf, Norway, Africa & GCC. Fabiola Carolina Muñoz Sánchez, South America & Spain. Wissam Khabazian GCC & Cyprus. Maria Tsi, Greece. Monica Carolina Rosso, United States. Slavica Rakovic, Serbia. 

Partners: Contract and more, lighting & furniture specialist, Italy. Marco Trimegliozzi, Lighting Designer, Italy. Cocolea Furniture, Australia. LunaWood, Thermowood, Finland. TMtech Lighting Manufacturer, Vietnam. MOC-KSA, Methode Of Construction, KSA & GCC. AICON International, Low Curent Specialist, Nigeria & Lebanon. Spotlight International, Lighting Specialist, Ghana, Lebanon & Nigeria. Osimex, Kitchen Specialist, Lebanon. Simtec, Steel Specialist, Armenia, KSA, Abidjan & Lebanon. 

Team / Collaborators: 2005 - Present

Omar Harb, Sandrine Samaha, Hala Moubarak, Nada Azar, Aline Daoud, Huceyn Sleiman, Mohamad Machmouchi, Fady El Zakhem, Alex Chemali, Jad Jawad, Stephanie Moumdjian, Yara Bissani, Selina Shaouki, Ghida Wahab, Hasan Sleiman, Alyssar Nassar, Nayla Tabbara, Maria Rizkallah, Abdelhadi El Najjar, Samer Abou Mrad, Josée-Kim Arbadjian, Anya Salem, Carol Mansour, Manuella Haddad, Gilles Assaf, Edward Abdelnour, Fabiola Carolina Muñoz Sánchez, Wissam Khabazian, Michel Farhat, Sabine Saadeh, Hady Beaino, Suzanne Salame, Elias Zakhour, Maria Tsi, Monica Carolina Rosso, Slavica Rakovic, Deyanira Mujica, Wendy Su, Chagnevy Bolla Magtuto, Romina Luque, Camilla Leonetti, Virna Venerucci, Noemí De Pinto, Diana Hilda Rodes, Aida Cancino, Jolie Nguyen, Victoria Larios, Lieneke de Weijer, Sasha Spitzer, Marko Dabrovic, Catherine Cécilia Giuli, Serena Serena Vitagliano, Silvia Bartolini, Luciana Di Virgilio, Desi Privitera, Alice Peixoto Lopes, Daniela Rossi, Jaime Peñailillo Muñoz, Kari Riner, Barbara Sanz, Denise Rojos, Loló Liz, Katia Vecchio, Nicolas De Jesús Martinez Marquez, Laia Mogas-Soldevila, Angie Pérez Brusco, Emiliana Iglesias, Monika Elzbieta Bugaj, Nikol Vergini, Rossella Auriemma, Stefania Piacentini, Anja Boden, Eleanna Panagoulia, Deise Costa, Maria Savva, Carmen Sanchez, Lorena Elizabeth De Martino, Ula Lula, Carolina Chica, Maria Skvortsova, Grazia Maria Lozupone, Gloria Vengoechea, Sarah Younis, Myriam Reyes. 




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